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Election Officials

Procurement and Implementation

As part of our #Gameplan17 initiative, we are excited to announce a long term program focused on assisting election administrators with each step in the process of procuring and implementing election systems.

This program will include best practices; tip sheets or checklists; templates for RFPs and contracts; panel discussions; videos and more.

This program will work through the process, mirroring the steps taken to get new systems in place. We will provide guidance and assistance on:


  • Conducting a needs assessment;
  • Election/voting system requirements development;
  • RFP creation and bid review;
  • Tips on funding equipment purchases;
  • Guidance on conducting certification testing;
  • Contracting for equipment, training and maintenance;
  • Acceptance testing for new election systems;
  • Pollworker training for new equipment;
  • Voter education programs;
  • Pre-election testing;
  • New system implementation;
  • Pilot programs;
  • And post election audits and analysis. 
Election Officials